The Tango Way

Your priority is finding the best impressions. Our priority is to make that simpler. Using Tango Media Systems, you can target your audience by geography, demography, or any identity variable on hand until you have found them at the ZIP-code level nationwide. Then—with a click of a button—you can find out which media vehicles will reach your targets, what your estimated budget is, and which vendors you need to talk to.


Support each step of your media campaign with the five licensable applications in our software suite. Visualize and create schedules in Plan Builder; evaluate networks, programs, and dayparts in Ranker; line up your inventory and contact your reps in Buyer; keep track of all your contacts and system info in Data Studio; and reconcile post-buy using Invoice. Whatever it is you need to do, we have an app for that.


Your need is Tango’s command. Data-wise, we come fueled with Census, Nielsen, SQAD, and can accommodate any research you subscribe to. Organize any campaign—from national to hyper-local—on our software. While each application is steeped with maps, charts, and tables designed to illustrate your analysis to your clients, you can also create custom reports on the spot. And we’re portable, too, with web-based applications that allow you to display the client-ready analysis in any office, any time.

Tango Media Systems is predicting what today’s media planners need tomorrow. Get in touch to begin your Tango experience today!

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